Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bed Bath and Beyond locations

Well it would be a bit stupid to tell you all 980+ locations of Bed Bath and Beyond, instead there is a great way to find your local store. The first step is to use their store locator web page, a screenshot is located below:

As you can see there are a few text boxes that you need to put information in to. The easiest is to just put in your zip code and then click Go. If you don't know your zip code, maybe you are out of town or visiting someone, then put in the address you are closest to. You will need the address, city and state information though, so it might be hard to hold of all this. So let's run through an example. I'm going to use the zip code 90210 and click Go, let's see what the results say.


I believe that the closest stores will be shown first and as you go further down the screen you will be shown ones that are further away. It's important to note that on the left hand side is a guide that helps you find stores that have particular things, like health and beauty sections for example. If you click map on the store, you will then be displayed with where it is and the roads around it. If you click you point-to-point directions you can get a much more detailed account of how to get to the store. You will need to know the street, city, state and zipcode of where you are traveling from otherwise you won't be able to get any results. This should help you a lot in finding the store, if not, then go out and buy a satellite navigator.

The History of Bed Bath and Beyond

Everyone loves a bit of history, especially when it is about one of the biggest retail stores in North America. In fact, Bed Bath and Beyond is one of the biggest stores in the USA and Canada and is continuing to grow at a high rate. The store is pretty old, first starting out in 1971 and since this, there has been another incredible 984 stores launched. In terms of revenue, the company does very very well and in 2010 they reported $7.8 billion in revenue which was up from the previous year. After you take in to account all the out goings such as paying for their 39,000 employees, product costs, tax etc they ended up with a profit of around $600 million which is still very impressive. The company has many competitors but their main ones would probably be Wal-mart, Target and a few others. Key people in the business: Warren Eisenberg (Co-Chairman) Leonard Feinstein (Co-Chairman) Steve Temares(CEO) Arthur Stark (President)

 Below is what a Bed Bath and Beyond store may look like from the outside

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bed Bath and Beyond August Coupons

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